Above are a few pictures I took of Lake Apopka from our afternoon at the first annual Birdapalooza at Magnolia Park on Saturday. It was a perfect day. Seriously, a perfect day. This is why we love Florida. Cool spring days before the oppressive heat. Vendors with native Florida wildflowers, wildlife educators and protectors were there sharing their knowledge and love of Florida wildlife. We got to touch turtles, alligators and snakes. We were able to observe raptors up close.


Red-shouldered Hawk


American Kestrel


Barn Owl


Bald Eagle



We saw many Peacocks at Magnolia Park, they call the park home year round. This one was high up in this Oak tree, calling out very loudly.


Coral Honeysuckle

I picked up this pot of Coral Honeysuckle for the meadow.


Red Bay

This little pot of Red Bay will actually grow up to be a tree. If it is not first killed by the Asian beetles. I am adding this to my mixed native evergreen border along on side of my fence line in the back. The red bays support two types of  butterflies: palamedes and spicebush swallowtail.

IMG_0437 IMG_0415IMG_0436

I forgot what type of turtle this was but he was magnificent! We had fun and the husband actually said it was better than what he was expecting. We will be looking forward to going again next year. Check it out if you can. It’s free but bring your wallet because if your like me, you will have to buy plants.