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Asimina parviflora - Small flower paw paw

Asimina parviflora - Small flower paw paw

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Life Cycle: Long lived perennial, deciduous 

Soil Moisture: Fertile, loose, acidic soils that are dry to moist, well draining sand or loam

Sun Exposure: Partial shade 

Height: Up to 15’

Bloom Color: Light green to maroon 

Bloom Time: Spring

Fauna: Larval food source for the zebra swallowtail butterfly and pawpaw sphinx moth. Fruits are eaten by birds and small mammals.

Planting Considerations: Understory small tree for a naturalistic landscape or butterfly garden. Pawpaw does not transplant well so plan on planting it in its permanent location. As it matures, it may tolerate more sun but it prefers shade. 

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