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Balduina angustifolia - Coastal plain honeycomb head

Balduina angustifolia - Coastal plain honeycomb head

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Life Cycle: Annual or Biennial

Soil Moisture: Dry, sandy, well draining upland, requires excellent drainage 

Sun Exposure: Full sun to minimal high pine shade 

Height: 3’ when blooming 

Bloom Color: Yellow 

Bloom Time: Summer to late fall 

Fauna: Attractive to pollinators 

Planting Considerations: Consider planting with Sandhill wireweed (Polygonum nesomii), Black seeded needle grass (Piptochaetium avenaceum), Splitbeard bluestem (Andropogon ternarius), Wild buckwheat (Eriogonum tomentosum), Pityopsis sp., Scrub blazing star (Liatris tenuifolia), and Clusterleaf blazing star (Liatris laevigata).

Field Notes: Sunny yellow ray florets surround orange disks that resemble honeycomb when they’ve become mature seed heads. Honeycomb head completes its life cycle in one or two years. If it is to continue in the landscape by reseeding, it will need bare, open sandy areas to do so.

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