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Monarda punctata - Spotted beebalm

Monarda punctata - Spotted beebalm

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Life Cycle: Perennial 

Soil Moisture: Dry to moist, well drained soil 

Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade 

Height: 3-4’

Bloom Color: White with purple spots 

Bloom Time: Summer through fall 

Fauna: Spotted bee balm attracts a wide variety of pollinators including hummingbirds. It is one of many larval food sources for the Rustic sphinx moth (Manduca rustica).

Planting Considerations: Spotted bee balm is easy to grow and a great addition to a meadow or home landscape. It fills in quickly and spreads easily by reseeding which can be controlled by dead heading seed heads if desired. 

Field Notes: Spotted bee balm is a woody, robust plant with a fresh herbal scent similar to oregano. It will die down to the ground in winter and reappear in spring. 


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