Polygonum nesomii - Sandhill wire-weed

Polygonum nesomii - Sandhill wire-weed

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Life Cycle: Perennial 

Soil Moisture: Well draining sandy soil 

Sun Exposure: Full sun 

Height: 1-2’

Bloom Color: White and pink that turn to shades of rose and rust 

Bloom Time: Fall 

Fauna: Attractive to small native bees and small butterflies. Seeds are eaten by birds.

Planting Considerations: Semi-deciduous, low growing, woody shrub that maintains some of its rosette of basal foliage through the winter. Thin stems begin to extend sideways in the spring, spike like flower clusters appear in the fall. May spread by reseeding if open sandy areas are available. Consider planting in a dry, sandy wildflower habitat with Coastal plain honeycomb head (Balduina angustifolia), Wild buckwheat (Eriogonum tomentosum) and other dry sandhill/scrub habitat species, taking care to give it some space so it’s not crowded. 

🌱Remove from the pot by gently tilting to the side and then carefully holding the plant when transferring to the ground. It has fine roots. 

Field Notes: Endemic to Florida occurring no where else on Earth.

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