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Zanthoxylum fagara - Wild lime

Zanthoxylum fagara - Wild lime

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Life Cycle: Long lived perennial tree 

Soil Moisture: Loose, very dry to moist well draining, sandy or loamy soil 

Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade 

Height: up to 25’ with a 3-10’ spread 

Bloom Color: Yellowish green 

Bloom Time: Spring 

Fauna: Larval host plant for the Giant Swallowtail (Papilio cresphontes) butterfly. Nectar source for pollinators. Its dense foliage provides cover for birds. Fruit provides food for birds and small animals. 

Planting Considerations: Wild lime is a fast growing, woody, multi stemmed evergreen tree. It makes a great specimen tree or addition to a mixed privacy hedge. Can be pruned or shaped. Watch out for the thorns along the branches. Does well with irrigation. Drought tolerant once established. Dies back with freezing temperatures. It’s leaves, when crushed smell like lime. This plant does not produce the culinary fruit of limes. Dioecious. 

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