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Dyschoriste oblongifolia - Twinflower

Dyschoriste oblongifolia - Twinflower

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Life Cycle: Perennial 

Soil Moisture: Dry to moist, acidic, well drained sandy soil 

Sun Exposure: Full sun to minimal shade 

Height: 6-10” and spreading 

Bloom Color: Purple 

Bloom Time: Spring through fall 

Fauna: Larval food source for the Common Buckeye (Junonia coenia) butterfly. Other butterflies and bees visit it as well. 

Planting Considerations: An excellent ground cover that spreads by under ground runners. Can be used as a ground cover by itself and trimmed or mowed to 3” as needed. It also makes a great base layer for a mixed wildflower planting with other perennials. Twinflower can be semi-dormant in winter and while it can persist in dry soil, it will need water during extended periods of drought in the spring.

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