Asclepias tuberosa ssp. rolfsii - Rolfs' milkweed

Asclepias tuberosa ssp. rolfsii - Rolfs' milkweed

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Life Cycle: Perennial, winter dormant 

Soil Moisture: Dry, well draining sandy soil 

Sun Exposure: Full sun 

Height: 1-3’

Bloom Color: Reddish orange 

Bloom Time: Spring through fall 

Fauna: Larval food source for the monarch and queen butterflies. Important nectar and pollen source for other butterflies and native bees.

Planting Considerations: Naturally occurring throughout Florida in its sandhills, flatwoods and scrub communities and locally, along the Lake Wales Ridge. Of the subspecies of Asclepias tuberosa, we’ve found Rolfs’ to be the best suited for the dry, hot, deep sandy soil of our sandhill plantings. 

Field Notes: Long leaves with wavy leaf margins. Provide a light annual pruning to remove dead stems. Aphids are orange bugs that frequent milkweed. Ignore them and wait for other bugs to eat them or rinse off with water.

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