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Rudbeckia hirta var. floridana - Black-eyed Susan

Rudbeckia hirta var. floridana - Black-eyed Susan

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Life Cycle: Usually a biennial, sometimes annual.

Soil Moisture: Medium to somewhat moist, well draining sandy soil 

Sun Exposure: Full sun to minimal shade 

Height: 1-2’

Bloom Color: Yellow 

Bloom Time: Early summer through fall 

Fauna: Excellent nectar source for butterflies and bees. Larval source for some moths. Seeds eaten by birds. 

Plant Combinations: Black eyed Susan is a staple in a mixed wildflower garden. Blooming is best in years with more spring and summer rains. It is an early successional plant so abundance may decrease over the years if planted with longer lived perennials. Spreads by reseeding. 

Field Notes: The native variety, Rudbeckia hirta var. floridana is best suited to Central Florida.

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